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Does the Buddha have a Dog Nature?

Golly, I sure hope so. Last week, we had to euthanize (put down, put to sleep, kill) our two dogs. Our Old Boy (our son’s inseparable companion) was getting arthritic, had stopped eating and lost bowel control. (he “leaked”), and … Continue reading

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Salvation Means Theosis

Salvation Means Theosis Nietzsche accurately described the condition and fate of the Modern who has killed God and must face a hostile universe naked and alone. Without an ethic higher than the average person the much publically admired and privately … Continue reading

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An Important Question!

Does the Buddha have a dog nature? I give a name to my dog and call him Nietzsche. If I gotta ‘splain it, you wouldn’t think it was cute.  If I don’t gotta ‘splain it, you are probably another sociopath … Continue reading

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