Awesome Avocado-Under-Egg Breakfast

Awesome Avocado-Under-Egg On Toast Breakfast

Being, as previously noted, somewhat lazy as well as cheap, extensive preparation for a meal is not one of my greater joys. If materials are not ready to hand, I will not run out to buy the fixin’s if they aren’t in the pantry. On the other hand, knowing this foible causes me to pick up an odd assortment of fixin’s “just in case.”

So, there I am, in the wee hours, second cup of coffee on the inside, and my stomach sounds a minor alarm. I look in the refrigerator to discover a partial carton of eggs and an open jug of V-8 Juice. On the counter top is a package of 12-Grain bread and a lonely little avocado (poor thing, all alone).

I put the skillet on a medium heat, with a dollop of olive oil (best for frying), and while it is warming, drop a single slice of bread in the toaster (lightly toasted, very lightly.)

Butter the bread with a whipped butter (label says 100% pure butter, but the thrashing makes it very easy to spread).

Peel and cut up the avocado while the egg begins cooking, arranging non-artistically on the slice of toast. Sprinkle a bit of lemon-pepper seasoning (to taste) on the avocado pieces.


Flip the egg and place on the avocado when done.


Consume with a glass of V-8 Juice.




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