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Awesome Avocado-Under-Egg Breakfast

Awesome Avocado-Under-Egg On Toast Breakfast Being, as previously noted, somewhat lazy as well as cheap, extensive preparation for a meal is not one of my greater joys. If materials are not ready to hand, I will not run out to … Continue reading

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Does the Buddha have a Dog Nature?

Golly, I sure hope so. Last week, we had to euthanize (put down, put to sleep, kill) our two dogs. Our Old Boy (our son’s inseparable companion) was getting arthritic, had stopped eating and lost bowel control. (he “leaked”), and … Continue reading

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Return of the Pagans

No, not these volk. As society retreats from Christian influence, not even bothering to pay the homage of hypocrisy to virtue, the people most surprised by the result will be (and already are) those who have been clamoring for the … Continue reading

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