Sunday Stir-Fry Stew … and MORE



It has been a while since I tried anything new in the kitchen. So there I am, in the local grocery, and meandering about as is my wont when my wife foolishly sends me to the store alone (!!), and I spy a package of stew meat in the fresh beef section. So, I pick it up. Then I go around the place, wondering what I could mix in with it. (I’m not a very experienced chef, one might say. One might.)

Yesterday, I put it all together.

What I came up with is this…


  • One pound stew meat
  • One pound frozen stir-fry vegetables
  • Three medium Russet potatoes
  • One 12 oz can of beef gravy. (Not shown)



  • Put one cup flour in a paper bag with whatever spices you fancy (me – a bit of onion powder and a bit of garlic powder). Separate the pieces of stew meat and drop in the bag. Shake it all up until every piece is coated. There should be very little flour loose in the bag when you are done.


  • Pour contents of the bag into a medium frying pan, with olive oil (my preference, for the taste) and cook until the flour turns golden brown.
  • Peel and dice (big chunks) three medium potatoes. (Pix shows five, only used three.)
  • Dump all into crock pot. Add water to cover ingredients. Cook on High for 3-4 hours 100_4337.JPG(depending on the heat of the crock pot – don’t want the potatoes to get mushy.)

Variant – instead of water, use your favorite beer.

Let cool (trust me on this one) serve, and consume.

Postmortem says I could/should have added some more spices, but just what I could have put in?? Everybody’s taste is different.



About those extra potatoes I peeled: I sliced them to ¼ inch thick slabs, and fried them on the stovetop while waiting for the stew. I sprinkled a light dusting of Lawrey’s Salt on one side, and cooked until tender. They came off with a bit of tan on the edges, and were delicious with a good IPA beer (local brew). [ No pix, I ate them before thinking the sight should be preserved for posterity.]

And that is how I spent my Sunday after Mass.


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