Lent is a Time…

Lent is a time for turning away from sin and toward God. This being Good Friday, it is an especially good time.

If thine eye offend thee…

Accordingly, my other blog, on which I would discourse on things social and political, has been deleted. (And my DISQUS comment-box avatars, and all of my political URLs in the ‘Favorites’ file, and my Facebook page…) It may be a drastic move, but sometimes a drastic move is the right thing to do.

For one thing, political commentary generates more heat than light, especially when your contending interlocutors cannot agree either on what constitutes a fact, or on matters of logic. (Lots of fallacies and unfounded opinions are roaming about, masked with invective and loud, very LOUD roars of outrage.)

For another, it was taking up entirely too much of my time. Politics can, and usually is, as addictive as the worst drug you can imagine. The part of your day it occupies can grow to encompass you entire waking hours.

And finally (well of the reasons I care to mention), it was beginning to cause schism and great discord within the family. Of all the stupid things to cause a rift between relatives, politics should be at the bottom of the list.

Henceforth I propose to recall my citizenship and first loyalty is in Heaven, and not in the ephemeral squalor of contemporary American politics. When passing through our local Border Patrol checkpoint and they ask, “Are you a Citizen?” my reply will be, “Well, I was born here, in Illinois. Does that count?” Nor do I have any interest in exercising my franchise. When I am told I must hold my nose and choose the “lesser of two evils”, what I am really being told is that I must choose Evil. And that has worked so well in the past, has it not?

Sorry. Et non faciunt.

As 1/300,000,000th of the population of the US, my “contribution” to the ongoing contention will not be missed.

Of course, saying Non serviam has been known to have “unintended” consequences.


(My choices are not what will be appropriate for any other. Everybody has to do as they see fit, and not as someone else does.)

Now, I may have more wherewithal to work on THIS blog.

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