Join The “Away Team”

You say you have been feeling a bit “dry” lately in your spiritual life? You say you feel Jesus is somehow “distant”, and not right with you every step of the way? And you say it may just be a “testing” to see how you are doing?

Could be.

There is another possibility.6a00d8341bffb053ef0148c7dc9b71970c-500wi

Remember how the Good Shepherd left the 90 and 9 (good, hymn-singing, faithful, churchgoing) sheep) and went off looking for the one (filthy, despicable, utterly irredeemable sinner) lost sheep?

Maybe Jesus is out looking for the one you forgot to look for?

As they say in Star Trek, perhaps he’s on an away mission.

If so, you know where to find him. If you want to go find him.

After all, that’s where The Action is…

Hmmm… I wonder if that’s why Pope Francis wears this cross?


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