Thanks Be To God


All The Fixin’s

Tomorrow, as you feast on your turkey or ham, gorge yourself on stuffing and yams, and settle back to watch the Macy parade or the football game of your choice, say a prayer for those who have to be at work so that you can luxuriate in a holiday.

No, I don’t mean those who have to be at Walmart or the other big box stores, serving your lusts for a “deal” on the pre-Black Friday Sales.


For the soldiers and sailors who stand on the wall and keep threats at bay.


For the police and firemen who keep us all safe.

cop    Fireman

For the doctors and nurses who tend the ill who would rather not be in a hospital.

For the electric company workers and the other “utilities” who let you have light and warm, and provide power for the refrigerators to keep food cold and stoves to cook it hot.

power plant 1

For those who work in institutions of incarceration or refuge.

For those who drive the ambulance, and the taxicab, and the busses, the trains and airplanes and all the ships at sea.


For the staffers at the all-nite convenience store who are there so you can fill up with the gas you forgot today, and to replenish the beer or soda you drank up tonight.

convenience store   gas station

Yes, people get outraged at what the big box stores do to their workers on the holidays, when they should be able to be home with family and friends. But – whose fault is that?

For society to function, some folks have to be there 24/7.

For your convenience.

For your safety.

For your pleasure.

Pause, and remember all those who guard and those who serve, active and on standby including the priests and preachers and counselors.

Thanks be to God.


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