“Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations”

I have just finished reading Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations by Jules Evans (New World Library, 2013).

It is an interesting swim in the Greek and Roman philosophers of 2000 years hence.

What I found intriguing about it is, Jules is a Brit and a bit of an agnostic, yet his reading of the Old Boys is in accord with what I understand of them. One must beware of his habit of stating the case for a particular idea in the best terms he can summon – before stating his objections to it. This is the mark of a fair reporter (he is trained as a journalist), but – like Nietzsche – his positive presentation can momentarily cause you to think he is advocating for POV “X”.

This is a good introduction to a classical education, if one were to pursue it, and a good read in itself. (And what Catholic has not benefited from a Classical Education?)

I heartily recommend this book to anyone.

(Besides, he captured my affection when he revealed he had walked the Camino de Santiago, one of the unfulfilled wishes of my life.)

Further BTW — I seek no profit from my recommendations. I don’t need the money, for any reason. (Hence no Amazon icon which gets me points for your buying it.)

This blog, for example, is because I want to do it (when and if), and profits me nada.

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