Salvation Means Theosis

Salvation Means Theosis

Nietzsche accurately described the condition and fate of the Modern who has killed God and must face a hostile universe naked and alone.

Without an ethic higher than the average person the much publically admired and privately condemned “Common Man”, all human activity descends in to animals exerting their Will to Power. It becomes the Law of the Thug as people prey on each other. As, indeed, they did and have done for thousands of years.

When that comes to pass, it is not the “superior” man, the refined thinker, but the most bestial who will prevail. Witness the success of ISIS against all the civilized handwringing of the Western Powers. (One notices they do not attempt to utilize their methods against China.)

Moderns make sad attempts to mitigate the ghastly picture with anthropogenic spirituality, and find they cannot stand against the consuming blasts from the Real World. (Anthropogenic spirituality, being founded on a worship of man’s imagination, ends in worship of the beast.)

Humanity really doesn’t like the choice it has to make between the Beast and the Christ. But those are the only two possible alternatives. To sink or to rise. To become a brute or to become like God. In the end, there will be no in-between.

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