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Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos

Just don’t look too close. We’re a rowdy lot, we are. Advertisements

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NPR Profile of Bishop Robert Barron

It is in sound bites, and has to be a bit shallow because of their time constraints, but it is fair, and a good introduction to Bishop Robert.

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Do You Know This Person?

Allow me to introduce you to Simcha Fisher, if you’ve never met her. Busy housewife, killer sense of humor, Mother of many, devout Catholic. She writes for Patheos and the National Catholic Register, among other things. From her recipes, she … Continue reading

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To Hell In A Handbasket: Part Deux

“The Church has been going to Hell in a handbasket ever since Pius XII foolishly allowed ‘progress’ to creep into Holy Mother Church. Next we had Vatican II, and heresy run rampant in the fields of the Lord. Oh, that … Continue reading

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Not To Worry

Joseph Pierce writing at The Imaginative Conservative has words of wisdom for any who tend to despair at the world and its works.

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Salvation Means Theosis

Salvation Means Theosis Nietzsche accurately described the condition and fate of the Modern who has killed God and must face a hostile universe naked and alone. Without an ethic higher than the average person the much publically admired and privately … Continue reading

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“Scribble, scribble, eh, Mister Gibbon?”

Power of the Notebook I have carried some sort of writing implement, and some kind of medium on my person ever since the Seventh Grade. It least since then, memory being spotty at best. Because of that same dappled recollection, … Continue reading

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I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago

I have lived for many thousands of years, perhaps a million.. Not physically, of course. But, when I read a story, whether a short-short or a lengthy multi-volumed novel, it is as if I lived an entire lifetime. When the … Continue reading

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The End of Summer

Well, not according to the almanac. But when I was growing up, “Summer” was from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (Cue up Phineas and Ferb). And even though I am a bit older than in those wonderful days, I yet … Continue reading

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