Wine Coolers – Where Did They Go?

Remember back in the ‘80’s, the Bartles and Jaymes commercials all over television for wine coolers (more flavors than Ben& Jerry’s ice cream.) You couldn’t walk through a supermarket without tripping over the twenty or thirty different flavors.

So, this last week, My Dear Wife was sitting with me admiring the sunset and said, “It’s been a while, I’d like to try a wine cooler. We went looking, and found – they don’t make them any more. There are all sorts of Beer Coolers, bit nothing for wine.

When we got home, I googled the sad situation and found – the Fed destroyed wine coolers by raising the excise tax on wine (and wine products) from 17 cents to 1.07 way back. There haven’t been wine coolers for many years. Wow. How things slip away when you aren’t looking.

However, I found a recipe on line.

All you really need is wine and carbonated water.

So, I mixed up a solution of white zinfandel and Sprite. It thought it was pretty good. My wife didn’t like it. But I did. 4 oz of white zinfandel and 4 oz of lemon-lime soda gets you a good glass of drink, at half the alcohol of a glass of wine (so you can drink more…. Wait…)

wine cooler

This satisfies two of my criteria in making anything in my kitchen – simple and inexpensive. What should I try next? Burgundy and Seven-up? Sangria and ginger-ale?  Cabernet Sauvignon and Canada Dry ?The possibilities are endless.

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