Whoever Disagrees With My Wisdom is Ignorant AND Stupid! (maybe)

Don’t fall into the fallacy of assigning ignorance and stupidity solely to a favorite bogyman.

Protestants claim the “Authority of the Bible”, and Catholics claim the “infallibility of the Pope”, but when it comes to politics, dare I say, opinion “Trumps” religion every time.

The way this is supposed to work is that our metaphysics/religion informs our morals/ethics, which informs our economics-social-politics. Most people work that in reverse.

If you ever read C. S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”, there is one section where Uncle Screwtape is telling Wormwood how it gets twisted from Christianity Plus X, to X Plus Christianity, to simply X. “X” being whatever one’s favorite hobby horse happens to be.

Nor is it only the Right, for the “Christian Left” is just as guilty as the Right. The cause du jour on the left (whatever it happens to be this morning) is just as much “anti-Biblical” and just as much “Biblical” as the religious right. Both parties have a habit of ripping out what sounds good to them and hanging it in a secular framework to “hallow” their silly a$$ ideas.

Nor is it only Christians who are guilty of this silliness. Judaism, Buddhism, and for all I know, Odinism is also riddled with the sad spectacle of people who abandon what they claim to hold highest to promote some low scurvy “political” scheme.

But, that’s the human race to a tee.

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