The Incompleteness Theorem

The Incompleteness Theorem

What of those missing episodes of Star Trek TOS?

What of the rest of the first season of Firefly?

Fans lament early and unjust cancellation of their favorite/cult shows, but are they right to do so?

Is this not a case of the imagination making something better in potentiality than it ever was in reality?

There are many movies which leave you with a good feeling as the credits roll. So long as you don’t think about what happens next. Until you do

What Happens Next?

Like in Pleasantville – what happened after Spiderman went back to the real world. Did no one notice his sister was missing? Didn’t Mom notice?

Like in Yentl, where you realize that when Hadass and Avigdor are about 60-70 years old, the Nazis are going to march into Poland and kill them and all their family.

Like in Lady For A Day (remade as Pocketful of Miracles), when you recall that Louise and Carlos are going to live in Barcelona, about the time the various communist factions are killing each other and any priest, nobility, or other they can get their hands on in the Spanish Civil War (maybe they flee to Madrid, but what of their ancestral home?)

Like in Kelly’s Heroes, they got the gold, they got away… to Switzerland? That’s a pretty long haul, still through enemy territory. If they’re not caught for desertion? And what happened to Oddball and his panzer? D’ya think both sides might have shot at him?

Like in… but, I am sure you can think of your own horrible aftermath movies.

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