Euthanasia: The Next Battleground

A disturbing “meme” showed up on my FB the other day.

die with dignity

My response was “bullshit!”

It sparked an argument with an old friend who is susceptible to emotivist cries for “compassion” without thinking through the consequences of an action.

The following exchange happened.

Allow me to elaborate on my previous comment. The abortionists assured society that it was a matter of “a woman’s right to choose”, and of so-called “reproductive rights”, and that euthanasia would never, NEVER be on the table. And a great many self-identified “liberals” drank the kool-aid. They assured society of a great many other lies. The SSM crowd, i.e. The Genital Liberation Front assured the good “liberals” that their only goal was “tolerance”, which now has become a demand for enthusiastic approval, else one is bullied and run from the public spaces as a “H8er”. I see no difference between the commodification of human beings as “fungible assets” in a corporation inventory, and the commodification of human beings as spare parts, whether by Red China’s prison system or “Planned Parenthood”. (– and, going on the attack over the videos and calling them “bogus” is just the sort of stuff I have come to expect from those who have no regard for other humans save as profit centers. I envision soon, a subsidiary of Planned Parenthood set up to euthanize people, and it will make a lot of money for its corporate owners, just like PP.) I have had it with politely ignoring the stupid “memes” I see. Human beings are not animals to be served as veal or put down when they are of no more use to the Corporation State.

He responded:

 “Hope you never have to suffer like some people whom I have known.”

I replied:

Again, bullshit! I reiterate, humans are not animals. To treat them such is very offensive. Everybody gets upset over a lion in Africa, or wolves, publically breastfeeding moms or whatnot, and ignores, or positively approves the slaughter of human beings in the name of a false and vile version of Political Correctness. Whatever happened to the real basis of human dignity — not being treated like a cumbersome throwaway bit of garbage? So called “liberals” prattle on about the quality of life for the living and are ready to destroy whatever doesn’t meet their paradigm. So called “conservatives” preach about human life, and are ready to reduce it to whatever makes money. This “dying with dignity” is bullshit, because of one thing, to which you will say, “never happen”. But it is happening in Europe — first euthanasia is voluntary for the terminally ill and suffering. Then it becomes mandatory for the useless clutter of society. And “liberals” will approve it because if is part of the tribal ethos, and “conservatives” will approve because it will lead to greater profits. It is not “compassionate” to murder the helpless. Again, bullshit.

If I sound hot, it is because I am weary of the way the Right AND the Left seem to think and practice the degenerate notion that other humans are valuable only so long as they make us feel good, and when the feeling is gone, are to be discarded like an empty candy wrapper. Very few seem to be able to realize there is an inconsistency in their thinking, but very many who are happy to compartmentalize their causes and passions. My fellow human beings have hardly ever been consistent, with the exception as a species, humans are consistently and exceptionally good at discovering justifications for selfishness. (Not that I despair, just — hey, sometimes it feels good to think of knocking heads together and shouting “Think, Damnit!”)

Then came accusations of heartlessness, of overreacting to his original posting, of wanting all people to think like me (as if his post was not an endeavor to do just that), and such. (Yes, we are still friends – we do this all the time, it seems.)


What I hope is you can avoid is falling into the trap of thinking my ideas are subject to relativistic deconstruction, and yours occupy the moral high ground. I think this because several of your posted “memes” have been of the shame/blame/bullying variety. Yes, I know you are being “provocative” and seeking to stir up “discussion”, but the way in which they are presented, coupled with the immediate recourse to an attack mode when the meme is challenged cause me to wonder if you really know the effect of what you are doing. I think I know your heart, and nastiness is no part of it, but I must ask, is it possible, in your dealings with shallow and belligerent activists over the years, have you acquired a tendency toward pugnacity? (In response to the obvious, I know I may have gotten that way, and for much of the same reason.) Perhaps I read too much into your choice of “memes”, and you read too much into my rejection. My opposition to certain things is NOT, NOT, NOT derived from FoxNews, Glen Beck, Rushbo, or any of their ilk. (I gain insight from TIC and TAC and FPR, but also from TAP and MJ and Alternet.) If you have some spare time for reading, I can direct you where to look for the sources of my thinking. (Yeah, right, spare time for reading…) We are too old to get into a “cane-fight”, so as far as your request for civility in debate, I reciprocate. Please Note: I will not be treated like a pariah for failure to agree enthusiastically with the howling mob of blockheads in the street.

Well, that certainly went – badly.

I have omitted most of my friend’s rejoinders as they were frankly, of the “when will you stop beating your dog?” variety, besides being his property, so to speak. He, in expiation, only gets that way when political correctness is involved, and it is a huge blind spot for him. ( Forty years back, he was a noted Radical thought-leader on our campus, and sometimes forgets we ain’t in school no more.) Being a “deist” (whatever that is) he does not have the discipline of going to Confession and declaring “I Was Wrong”.

However, this “meme” is far from the opening salvo in the new war to promote euthanasia. I first noted it in an article in The Atlantic by a fellow who is rather influential in national medical circles.

Why I Hope to Die at 75

This notion of the essential animal-ness of human beings, as creatures which have to future and no hope beyond death, is one shared by several prominent atheistic activists today. Stephen Fry, whom I will watch in any of his performances because of the sheer weight of his comedic talent, has ventured into philosophical and theological pronouncements (in which he is way over his head).

His statements have been quite well answered by Bishop-Elect Barron of Word on Fire and the Catholicism series fame.

Stephen Fry, Job, and Suffering

It is interesting how the floating of euthanasia has even been rejected by Marxists, or “political” grounds.

Ezekiel Emanuel’s sinister argument against prolonging life

In thinking about this issue, I have more than the example of Saint Pope John Paul II before me. His athlete body finally gave up before his mind and spirit, and we went with great dignity.   Both my parents had “bad” ends.

My Mom died in 1985 after battling two years with bone cancer. The chemo had wasted her body to a wisp, and the cancer plus the effects of morphine-on-demand prescribed since she was terminal, had left her mind a shambles. Nevertheless, the spirit was still alive.

My Daddy lived on another twenty years, to end his days in a nursing home with senility robbing him of memories and perceptions. His heart, strong from a lifetime of hard toil, would go erratic, ramping up to a high pitch, then dropping down to barely ticking over.

Neither of them were sad dogs, to be put to sleep in a false compassion which is really a maundering excuse for the alive and healthy who do not wish to be bothered.

(You DO recall Terry Schiavo, do you not? The brain-damaged woman who was starved to death because her husband wanted to “move on” with his life?)

In reality, that is what this push is all about. Not really for “dignity” or “compassion”. But that the Modern does not wish to be inconvenienced by the dying person, either in sight or sound or in caring for them (it takes so much of their valuable time away from entertaining pursuits.)

I am not frightened by the Militant Socialists, or the Atheistic Secular Humanists. They have at least some principles, however much I disagree with them. What scared the crap out of me are the Corporation Statists and their minions the Commercial Hedonists, who will let nothing stand in the way of pursuit of their gods, Mammon and Eros.

Because what is grudgingly permitted today tends to become mandatory tomorrow.

Human beings are not commodities.  Human beings are not animals.  Human beings are eternal beings capable of theosis.  That is awesome.  That is true dignity.

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