In Search of Quesadilla


Having made a short trip to a nearby city today, I didn’t feel like doing a lot for supper.

Yes, I know, I say that a lot.  Is it efficiency or laziness?

Anyway, here is

A Ham and Cheese Quesadilla

Take one flour tortilla and heat in microwave for 20 seconds to soften it up, place on a paper towel.

On 1/2 of the circle, lightly sprinkle diced green peppers.

Cover with a handful of shredded cheese (extra sharp cheddar for me).

Take a slice of ham (black forest by choice.  Also Canadian Bacon works well here.)  Slice it up so you can cover most of the half tortilla covered with cheese.

Fold the tortilla to make a half-moon filled with the peppers, cheese, and ham. Tuck the half of the paper towel over it all, and microwave for 30-45 seconds depending on microwave power. Long enough to melt the cheese but not so long it bubbles out all over.

While you were doing all this, put a large skillet on the large burner and liberally splash canola or olive oil in the pan, set on about 3/4 of max temperature.

If you have done all this just right, by the time the quesadilla comes out of the microwave, you are ready to lay it in the skillet.  Cooking time will depend on whether you want the tortilla brown or burned.  I have tried burned; I recommend browned. Of course, you have to flip it, and if it is cooked right, it will be stiff enough you can turn it with a fork.

When done, take the quesadilla and put on the folded paper towel to cool a bit and sop up excess oil. Then quarter with a French knife.

I will not say this goes well with a Margarita.  No, I would not say that at all. Not unless you have found the lost shaker of salt.

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