Why Yes, Yes We Do

Before I turn off the computer until Monday morning, here is a meditation I wrote down on Thursday before Morning Prayer (at Church — we have a group which prays once a week from the Liturgy of the Hours– neat stuff, Maynard.)

Why Yes, Yes We Do

I am told by certain persons, “You Catholics have a Carnal religion.”

In my best Phineas (of Phineas and Ferb) voice, “Why yes, yes we do.”

There is a problem Protestants have with this idea. They forget, we are incarnated souls, not ethereal spirits wearing meat suits. They say “carnal” as if it were a Bad Thing. They forget Jesus was fully God AND fully human.

It was the idea of certain Greek philosophers that we humans were spirits trapped (trapped, I say) in flesh. It has also been the conscious/unconscious default of some Christians including a few Church Fathers and the leaders of the Protestant Rebellion/Reformation. As a matter of pure conjecture, I must wonder if we cannot lay the current confusion of weak-minded over their identity as male or female, black or white, whole or mutilated at the feet of Protestant theologians?

Catholics have no problem with things carnal. (Except on Fridays.) Good food, good wine, good sex, all are good gifts from the good God to us. They are not to be disparaged or abstained from, save for a season, and a proper return in due time. Proper is the key word. There is a proper use of the good things from God, and an improper use of the same. All were given for us to enjoy, not to abuse.  Woe betide the person who rejects the gifts of God, but also woe betide the person who twists, perverts, and misuses the gifts.

There is great temptation to misuse the gifts, as seen with the epidemic of foodaholics, alcoholics, and sexaholics.  Satan has no thing from his pantry with which to tempt us, only what he has stolen from God’s storehouse. When the wholesome has been twisted into the unwholesome, there is nothing left but to repent, confess, receive Absolution, and amend your life.

But as for the food, wine, sex, as received from God? For all the “carnal” things of the world? Hip Hurrah, and Thank You Lord for having made us to be able to enjoy life. As Auntie Mame said, “Life is a banquet”. At least, that is the way God intended it.

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