Veddy Brit, Don’t You Know

Tea Service

I just realized how long I’ve been away from posting stuff.  My only excuse is Real World Trumps Virtual Reality.  In other words, I have been, unrepentantly,  spending a lot of time with grandkids, and recovering from spending time with grandkids… including the big dose of intestinal flu I caught from a tiny little great-granddaughter.  Eh. Things happen.

Anyway, one of my long-time secret bucket list things is to have a real British Tea.  This inordinate desire has grown ever since I saw “The Importance of Being Earnest” staged in High School. ( I wasn’t IN the play that semester because of a row with the director, and ever since I have regretted that row, but…)

So, finally, thanks to Amazon and Walmart, I have assembled the pieces and have a tea set, just for me and my wife.  There are various things having to do with the making of a proper cuppa, and on this, I defer to Mister Eric Blair for his sagacity.

In the play, it mentions ‘cucumber sandwiches’, which are actually a cool thing to make.

Take a fresh cucumber, peel it, and cut the cucumber into paper-thin slices, (Without bloodying your silly fingers in the process.  THIS IS NOT A CONFESSION!!)

Spread softened butter on white bread, then cut off the crust, and layer the cucumber slices on as thick as you can chew through them. Cover with a similarly prepared piece of buttered bread.

Place all on the tray, and carry onto your patio, or carport, or porch, on into the card table set in your driveway,and have a good old Brit tea party.

There are other options.

If you want supplies…

As for what sparked all this

Gents, be sure to wear your Ascot  and blazer while lounging about.  It will confuse Heck out of the neighbors.

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