Confession is Good for the Soul

The human tendency is to always be the good guy in any situation. We are the centers of our universes, and are hardly ever wrong. We re-write our memories of past events so that we are always the hero. Which, is amazing, since it is hardly ever so.

But this ravening need for self-esteem is the source and driver of all the Relativism so prominent in academic and elitist circles today. If one has no external standard of comparison, other than the collective worldview, one can indulge all the slathering self-worship one can stand, and be justified in it. And the collective worldview is being arranged to accommodate all the self-serving puffery and presumption of which the human soul is capable.

The end of this Glory Road is to envision ourselves as Gods, unaccountable to aby but our own whims, and of others as less than dirt beneath our feet.

The predictable results, are well known to history.

What is to stop it? What is to salvage whatever shred of humanity we may have after succumbing to such insanity? Well, firstly the recognition of an Objective Standard. The realization there is Something Above and Beyond ourselves, even above and beyond the Universe, is humiliating, is humbling, is salutary. If there is God, then we cannot be God. If there are external standards, we must acknowledge when we have broken them. But, how do we do that, in a manner which sinks in, which convinces us?

Hello, Confession. Or, as it is being called of recent years, “Reconciliation”.

When we go and make Confession to a priest, who stands in persona Christi, we are admitting we are not God, or even a god. We are comparing our actions with a high standard, and admitting where we are short of perfection, We are enabled, ultimately, to correct our mistakes, and improve ourselves so that (ironically), we will achieve theosis, union with God.

Confession is Good for the Soul.

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