Charles Lwanga and Companions

Today is the memorial for Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions, among whom were also some Anglicans.  Father Robert Barron first made me aware of St. Charlie in a segment of his Catholicism DVD series.

Being of European extraction, I recall that from Finland to Iberia, from the land of the Celts to the home of the Greeks, death is considered such a Bad Thing.  Look at the statues and icons of Martyrs in European churches.  Gloomy, sad faces, drawn-out bodies like they  all had been on the rack.  No reason to want to emulate those folks.

Compare with the celebrations for the African martyrs/witnesses.  It’s a happy day,an celebration, a time for dance and song and rejoicing.  In Uganda, today is Saint Chuckie’s Birthday, the day he graduated to Heaven. A day of joy, not sorrow.

Comparing the two attitudes, it seems as if the African attitude is far healthier than the European model.

Oh, and here’s something from Father Barron.

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