The Center Holds, But Shifts Location

There are fewer than 100 million Catholics in the US, almost 300 million in Europe. Many of these are “cultural Catholics”, and haven’t been to Mass in years.

Around the world, estimates are 1,200,000,000 Catholics, or thereabout. Let’s do the math here. Europe and the US together are less than 1/3 of all Catholics worldwide. As per what I read in the newspapers (as Will Rogers said, it’s all I know) the minority is trying to lecture the majority on what it should do (what WE say), and what it should think (what WE tell them).

Yes, Yanks and Euros think they are the center of the Universe, and that the political polarization of Left-Right, Conservative-Liberal ought to apply to the Catholic Church as well. How much more hubristic or full of cultural imperialism can you get?

Along comes Pope Francis from Argentina, along comes Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria, along comes Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, and the Yanks and Euros go nuts.

That’s OK, though. The same ones who freak out over these “Third World” prelates might have a problem with Jesus being a swarthy Semite from the “Mid East” who used his left hand to… to… you know…


You know what Pope Francis looks like, here are video of the other two.


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