Pasta Thingy

Long day, simple supper.

From last week the baked breaded cod.  (Yes, I still have some in my freezer.)  And it’s a Friday even if it isn’t in Lent.

My dear sainted Grandma put up with meatless Fridays for all her long life.  Even when it was legit for her to have a Big Mac on Fridays, she would not .  “I’m too old to change,” she said.

Am I wimpier than her?  (Well, considering she went had kids before WW I, saw the Great Depression from the underside, and lived in good health and mind to 96 — Yes.)

Add to the cod a simple pasta thingy.

Boil pasta while the cod is baking, when done drain and mix in a can of condensed cream of celery soup (do not water down).  The adventurous may wish to add a bit of minced garlic.  Serve on the plate with a sprinkle of dried parsley and a shake of lemon-pepper seasoning.

Alas, I have no alcoholic recommendations, as I plain forgot to go to the store today.


(Yes, I got some paprika on the pasta thingy.)

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