Stations of the Cross

Today I did something which I hope will grow into a regular practice, making the Stations of the Cross on Friday.  Yes, yes, I know, Lent is over.

But about twelve miles south of where I live is a Benedictine community at Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David, Arizona, and they have a lot of good stuff for a little out-of-the-way site in Southern Arizona.  They have the only Catholic book/gift store in this area, they have a used books kiosk, a thrift store, places for retreats and lots of happy campers (“snowbirds”, but good people).

They also have an outdoor Stations of the Cross beginning at the cemetery outside the Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel and meandering through a bird sanctuary.  It was overcast and great for a good walking prayer.   I used the Alphonsus Ligouri version.

No, I didn’t go barefoot.  At least, not yet.

They also have daily Mass at noon, preceded by Daytime Prayer and I stayed for them both.  Also good.

There is an old story about looking for treasure and finding it in your own backyard, and this is surely one of those treasures.

(If one were to click on the link, one would find they have a festival coming up in mid-November.  I’ve been there, lots of neat stuff — and fantastic food!)

Oh yes.  They also have some birds wandering about — who are the real owners. peacock

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