Holy Thursday


And instead of a weekday Mass this morning, we prayed the Morning Prayer.

Some folks had a problem with following along. The Liturgy of the Hours is normally confusing to someone who’s never done it (it certainly was for me). The one-volume Christian Prayer is even more so (flipping back and forth, not all rubrics noted except in the Ordinary, combining four books into one, etc.). However we have a nice new supply of large-print copies (supplied my a benefactor, deo gratias), and it would be a shame not to make extensive use of them.

Father may be having classes on how to pray it.

It would be nice. I normally pray alone, and being with others is so much better, especially in this, the prayer of the Church. (Someone, somewhere, around the world is praying the Divine Office even as I write this.)

Tonight is the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Twelve someones are going to get their footwashing. Just like the “footwashin’ Baptists”. Except it will be Father, in persona Christi, who does the work.

Adoration until midnight.


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