Liturgy of the Hours at Church

This morning when I went to Mass, there was an interesting thing, a large plastic box, closed, sitting at the end of the main aisle in front. Fifteen minutes before mass was scheduled to start, Father came out and said a person had bought twenty large-print copies of Christian Prayer (the one volume version of Liturgy of the Hours) and had donated them to the parish.

He proceeded to bless the books, and we had a session of Father, the Deacon, and the congregation saying Morning Prayer.  The Right side of the chapel said one part, and the left side said the other part.  It didn’t take that long at all, and afterwards, we proceeded straight into the Mass.  It was pretty wonderful to say it that way.  (I’ve been saying it, but alone.  With others is so very powerful.)

I wasn’t able to stay to chat, but with that many books floating about, I am wondering if Morning Prayer before Mass is going to become a fixture.  We will not be having the 8:30am Mass during the Tridium, and Father already said we will be praying Morning Prayer instead, so…

I hope it goes on after Easter.

We have the resources for it.

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