Giving it Up For Lent

This year, I only gave up a little thing for Lent. — Creamer in my morning coffee.

It was only a little thing this year, since in years past, I have tried giving up big things, and somehow managed to crash and burn within a few days, two weeks tops. (Being the spiritual superstar that I am(!?!). )

The reason I chose giving up creamer, which so far, I am doing OK on, is that it is something I can manage. And the bitterness in my morning coffee reminds me of the season we are in. Normally, I have a little coffee with my cream and sugar, so this is a bit of an eye-opener every morning.

Like my parish priest, Father Clement Agamba is fond of remarking, it isn’t how much you participate, but that you participate at all.

A very little thing, but something I can manage. For two weeks more, at least.

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