Friday in Spring, Hurrah

Today is, Ta Da, the First Day of Spring, the vernal equinox. (Greetings to all my Druid friends.)

Not only is the day equal to the night (cue up the Doors), but there’s a solar eclipse scheduled which will be seen by a few hardy islanders in the extreme North, and since the Moon is at Perigee, a “Supermoon” (though you won’t be able so see it, dark of the Moon and all that.)

Sixty years ago, or so, my Daddy always sang an annoying little jingle come springtime.

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the flowers is…”

This has been attributed to everything from Burma Shave signs to Ogden Nash (and in England to Spike Milligan).   Not knowing any better, until a recent google search, I always thought my Daddy had thought it up all by his self.

Since my lookie-loo, I can absolve him for that!

But, where did it actually come from, and just how old is it?

It’s also a Friday in Lent.  No bacon, no hamburgers, no chicken-catch-a Tory.

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