Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph

If one is into the Liturgy of the Hours (and I am) the readings for today in relation to Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus, are rather interesting.  — Check out the top link to the left.

But why do the Readings?  They add a lot of time to reciting the Divine Office, and are required for Priests, but why should a layman do them?

Well, the best reason I found is, aside from the sense of unity it gives for doing the same prayers which are said all over the world, that it keeps my from getting cranky.  Not “cranky” in the sense of irritable, but in the sense of weird.  On and off over the years, I have said these prayers, starting with Shorter Christian Prayer, on to the big thick one volume Christian Prayer, and finally to the full, four volume Liturgy of the Hours.

When I say them, I seem, however erratically, to stay closer to Holy Mother Church.  When I skip or stop for a time, really weird ideas creep into my head, and soon I am foregoing Confession and even neglecting Sunday Mass.  It is a small investment of time compared to the benefit I receive.

It is also a good practice to read a few pages in the Gospels every day, but I sometimes forget (or talk myself out of doing that).  And saying the old-fashioned Rosary every day doesn’t hurt. (At which, I’m trying to get better.)

Honestly, I need all the help I can get.

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