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Blast From The Past

Here’s an Oldie, but a Goody. My daughter once met the lady who sings this, and said she was very kind to all her fans, especially the kids.   Advertisements

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Shows How Old I Really Am

I recall hearing this song about 1967. For some reason, I was waiting around in the Art Department at college, when some of the students working there put this album on, almost like elevator music, to be in the background … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness for Recording Technology

Some years back, a friend gave me a CD of Edith Piaf’s music which had belonged to his Belgian Grandmamma.   She had purchased it on one of her return trips.  This was the first cut on the album. She had … Continue reading

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Ex Urbe — Ada Palmer

If you’ve never heard of this lady, now is the time to make her acquaintance.   Ada is a wealth of information, especially regarding Rome and Florence.  (Not to mention old manuscripts). I first found her site doing some lookie-loo on … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Rome


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I Seriously Recommend…

This movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Hint: It’s about a pilgrimage. Hint #2 : He meets a scarecrow, and tin person, and a cowardly lion along The Way.

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Simple is Good

Not wanting to do a whole lot of “fixing” for my evening meal, I had recourse to an old stand-by. A very “extra sharp” cheddar. A piece of “twelve-grain” dark bread. A glass of burgundy. Tastes complimented, and the amount … Continue reading

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Liturgy of the Hours at Church

This morning when I went to Mass, there was an interesting thing, a large plastic box, closed, sitting at the end of the main aisle in front. Fifteen minutes before mass was scheduled to start, Father came out and said … Continue reading

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Today — Annunciation of the Lord

Only nine months left to do your Christmas shopping. All of which reminds us, Babies Are People Too, even those not yet birthed.

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Things Astronomical

Why is it the bellicose New Atheists are obsessed with the silly notion a superficial knowledge of “Science” will eradicate Faith? It betrays a very superficial knowledge of both Science and Faith. As a science geek since as far back as … Continue reading

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